FLASHCARDS--Try Quizlet.com for the vocabulary that we are learning. Search for SenoraBondurant if you don't remember your login. When you finish a practice, take a cell phone photo of your entire screen including the date and time so you can show me that you did the practice.
Learning a foreign language requires DAILY attendance.
I cannot teach your child if the child is not physically present in class! Please do not take your child out of school for birthdays or other celebrations!!
The school dress code if enforced in my classes. Please come to school dressed for success, not for play!

There is a HUGE correlation between  homework percentages and test/quiz scores. Students who have As in homework should not be failing quizzes if they are completing the work themselves, not copying.
     **Current brain research reveals that multi-tasking never truly occurs; our brain toggles quickly between tasks.**
Learning requires DAILY attendance.

     **The secret to completing homework thoroughly is to remove all distractions while working on a task.

     Turn off cellphones, TVs, iPods, and computers while you are doing your studying/homework.

     Work for 15-30 minutes, then take a 2-5 minute break. Get back to work! Alternate study topics to avoid glassy-eyed staring and sleepiness. 
     And parents, do not interrupt kids while they are in the "zone," not even for snacks!
Learning a foreign language requires DAILY attendance.

     Tarea/homework is assigned daily Monday through Thursday. In order to learn, students must complete their own homework, not copy! Assignments are posted on the whiteboard and on the 2nd & 3rd pages of this website.    
     Students have been taught several ways to remember their tareas. They can enter the assignment on their cell phone calendars, take a photo with their cell phones,  text it to themselves, or write it on a real calendar or agenda.  They can even text it to parents at the end class.

             No excuses!!!

(It is your student's responsibility to get the assignments to school. Please do not interrupt the learning process by bringing forgotten assignments to school.)

     If your student’s grades are C, D or F, please check your cell phone bill.  Look at the times that text messages are being sent.  Obviously they should not be sent during any class!  And excessive texting indicates a shift in priorities away from school and learning.
Learning a foreign language requires DAILY attendance.
     A student's work week is Monday through Friday, the same as most professionals
are required to work. When you take  students out of school for "fun" reasons, you are telling them that their education is not really as important as the activity you have chosen.

     Please do not take you son/daughter out of school regularly for three-day weekends!

     Please do not take your son/daughter on week-long vacations during the school year. 

     A student who misses the introduction of key elements or the necessary practice will struggle to keep up with the class.
Learning a foreign language requires DAILY attendance.
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*   Es un verbo nuevo inventado por mi estudiante brillante Brennan Olachea.

                 yolar = to only live once

         yolo     yolamos

     yolas   yoláis

     yola     yolan

     yola     yolan

     yola     yolan

que me leen